0.6.0 Stable Released

Hey everyone,

So 0.6.0 is finally here and stable! I've been working hard to get this ready ASAP. Not much has changed from the experimental, except for some minor bug fixes and a start at porting ability code to accessible Lua for modders. For those of you who skip the experimental branches, there should be plenty to like here coming from 0.5.5c. Check out the changelog below for more information.

I've written up a small portion of feature arcs I would like to start working on. These are goals that will help make the game a whole new and unique beast. Check it out HERE if you want to see where my head is at.

As always, discussion is welcome. The Forum and Discord are great resources for getting in touch with me, and discussing Axu!


Matt (Cynapse)


  • NPCs that are hostile and within 1 tile distance to you can follow you between maps/up and down stairs.
  • NPCs keep their health values when transitioning between areas.
  • Daily autosaves.
  • A slimmed down UI.
  • Light sources for map objects that illuminate areas.
  • A new component system for items, taking the place of the "ExtraParam" malleable property and a few others.
  • You can wield weapons with mutated hands, but not gloves. The mutated limb item becomes your new "fist-like" weapon for unarmed attacks.
  • New equipment sprites.
  • New tiles for stairs and caves.
  • Return Pads show the biome and local position they're set to.
  • Corpses can be butchered to have all parts as individuals. With higher levels of skill, you can more easily keep each limb intact. If you fail the check, the limb gets converted to "Raw Flesh".
  • Added the "removetrait" command to the console.
  • Added the "startquest" command to the console.
  • Console commands can now be used in quest events.
  • "give" and "grant" commands can now work with item IDs.
  • Resting heals 1.5x as fast.
  • Removed "Give Items" from NPC blueprints in favor of letting quests use console events to do that functionality.
  • Simple Lua script support. Functions can be called from quests, with a reference to the player's body. Some abilities have been ported over to Lua as well.
  • The powerplant spawns within 4 world tiles of the initial starting location.
  • Added the ability to create new locations on the world map.
  • Static NPCs can be given unique dialogue.
  • Added a new kind of teleporter that is automatically set to a specified unique location.
  • New Ravensong Games logo.
  • Objects that have been viewed are now visible, but darker, when out of sight.
  • Enemies, similar to the player, no longer die from poison or bleeding directly.
  • Reworked poison and bleed resistances. There is a small chance to resist damage completely, rather than just halve it.
  • Items that give Endurance now increase HP and ST by a small amount.
  • Enemies can have resistances to status effects.
  • You can pick up entire stacks of items by holding Ctrl while in the loot panel.
  • You can buy and sell stacks of items using the same Ctrl method.
  • There is a new command to drop an entire stack of items.
  • Ability levels and XP persist between saves.
  • Enemies will no longer throw items through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where saving and leaving a screen would flip all objects on that screen upon returning.
  • Fixed an issue with stat modifiers and charge components on items causing them to default to generic values, or get copied or added to by the most recent instance.
  • Fixed a bug where NPC body parts were pointing to the original blueprint's parts rather than a new instance.
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to go outside the world map, causing errors and destroying saves.
  • Many more bug fixes, tweaks, etc that I have forgotten to write down.


Windows 64-bit 62 MB
Version 11 Dec 11, 2017
Windows 32-bit 57 MB
Version 10 Dec 11, 2017
Version 10 Dec 11, 2017
Linux 92 MB
Version 10 Dec 11, 2017

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