Axu 0.7.7

Hey everyone,

Long time no talk! It's been very busy on my end. Between working with Ludeon on RimWorld, getting a new puppy, and general life bull, I haven't had much time to work on Axu. The past few months have been full of me plucking away at various systems. I've finally finished enough to warrant a release!

I'm waiting on some package updates before I update the Linux version. It should come out shortly.


  • Updated to Unity 2019.3.
  • Implemented a Felony-specific progression system. Allows acquisition of abilities, traits and stat bonuses on a per-level basis.
  • Added a quest to hire a doctor for your home base.
  • Added equipment sets for NPCs that can be defined in JSON. Many humanlike NPCs have been given equipment sets.
  • Added more item artwork.
  • Added more edible items with various effects.
  • Added new abilities.
  • Some more tracks by Comemism!
  • Incidents are much more moddable. They now can include custom maps, and toggle/check for progress flags.
  • Object containers are more flexible and better defined in JSON.
  • HP directly scales with Endurance.
  • Slightly boosted HP values across the board.
  • HP and ST are boosted per-level based on the player's Felony.
  • Eating body parts trains slightly stats associated with the limb type.
  • Characters without names now are preceded by "the" in combat messages. Eg: "You strike the Bat in the head."
  • Moved lots of hard-coded text to Localization.json.
  • Removed some unused localization keys.
  • Replaced the "Forum" link main menu button with a "Discord" link button.
  • General code improvements.
  • Fix: Intrine limbs not properly attaching.
  • Fix: Traits not properly being updated every turn.
  • Fix: Throwing liquid containers won't break the item on impact.
  • Fix: Restarting the game causes certain quests to show incorrect locations.
  • Fix: Cannot cure diseases via doctors.

Remember, stay inside if you can. Be safe.


Matt (Cynapse)


Windows 64-bit 76 MB
Version 51 Apr 07, 2020
Windows 32-bit 72 MB
Version 49 Apr 07, 2020
Version 51 Apr 07, 2020

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I never seen anything but I really like the game and I appreciate the update today. What was changed?

I really like the art and smooth feeling of this game. Is there a possibility of doubling damage dealt on both sides? The fights last a long time even on the hardest difficulty. I also can't seem to throw the object I want to throw, it'll be random. I play with keyboard as much as I can so that may be the problem. Could you add a keyboard only option sometime? Thanks for your work.

Difficulty doesn't increase damage at all. I can check the late game damage numbers and see if they need tweaking though.

I play with keyboard only, and haven't run into any issues with throwing items. Will check to make sure it isn't broken.

Heck yee, new update time.

Hey, a little question from a new player, i cant seem to find where the button for accessing the menu while in game is. I would really like to know as to where this button is, so that i can save my game.

Thanks,                                                   AdamaiDreemur


Thanks for the update! I appreciate that you still work on Axu while youve got so much going on.