• Changed the character screen to show the character's body structure with hover-over tooltips.
  • NPCs can now be given traits and mutations.
  • Mutagens can affect NPCs.
  • Changes and balances to the Martial Arts system:
      • Added more wounds.
      • New Martial Arts move: Disarm.
      • Added a new status effect: Off Balance. It increases the chance of performing wrestling moves like Shove and Take Down on the afflicted target.
      • Failing at Pushing, Taking Down or Pulling opponents can cause you to become Off Balance.
      • The ability Shove, combined with the status effect "Off Balance" can cause the target to fall over.
      • Enemies can attempt to disarm you.
      • Grabbing arms prevents enemies from attacking with the equipped item.
      • Enemies will try harder to get out of grips.
  • Attached items (like beaks or horns) have a chance to attack whenever a character does. This chance increases with Dexterity (same as off-hand weapons)
  • New areas, quests and a NPCs.
  • You can contract Vampirism through attaching vampiric limbs.
  • If an NPC has a dialogue tree, that is used instead of the previous chat option.
  • NPCs save their dialogue states.
  • Weapon proficiency XP mutiplied by ((exp x 5) / proficiency level). Lower level proficiencies will level up faster.
  • Duplicate messages in the log are indicated by a "(x Amount) beside them to prevent spam.
  • Increased maximum stacks of extra arm and extra leg mutations to 4.
  • Wings mutation can stack up to 2 times.
  • Webs and Chests will no longer show up on stairs in caves.
  • Screenshots (taken with F11) have their own directory, and are named based on the current date and time.


  • NPCs with polarm weapons should no longer attack allies between themselves and their target.
  • Enemies no longer get double action points after noticing you.
  • Fixed an error where off-hands were trying to strike an enemy that had already died.
  • Hostile NPCs who follow you between maps will not disappear if there is no space to move them to. They will simply not be moved to the new map.
  • Hostile NPCs adjacent to you while you take stairs properly are spawned beside you (unless as above), and do not require you to exit and re-enter to see them.
  • Vampire corpses are properly vampiric.


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Version 36 Jan 28, 2019
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Version 34 Jan 28, 2019
Version 35 Jan 28, 2019
Linux 64-bit 81 MB
Version 16 Jan 28, 2019

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