Axu 0.7,8

It's been a busy year for me, despite the global pandemic. I'll keep it quick here.

There's some new stuff, some fixes, and even some removals in this update. Enjoy!


  • New tracks by Comemism!
  • Damage is no longer noted by dice. Instead, items and abilities have a "Power" level which determines its base effectiveness in combat. This is the first stage in a combat and progression overhaul.
  • Increased damage based on proficiency with attacking weapon type.
  • More biomes have edge transitions between each other.
  • More NPC types.
  • New quests.
  • Felonies can be given unique base body artwork.
  • Added base body art for Experiment, Technophile, and Fool.
  • Added required and nullifying progress flags for dialogue nodes.
  • NPC unique id counter resets upon going to the main menu.
  • Items with the LocationMap component no longer cause saves to not load.
  • At higher resolutions/scales, the camera will no longer jump on the X axis when both sides of the screen are visible at the same time.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Being over-burdened now can decrease you to a minimum of 1 move speed.
  • Removed external limb items and external limb slots. Too much upkeep and complexity.
  • Removed map light sources.
  • Simplified body part and ability flags.
  • Added support for using larger map sizes.
  • Added missing Localize() method call for amputation dialog option.
  • Added console commands for listing various asset types with their names and IDs.
  • Moved Obituary text to a JSON file.
  • Using mouse for movement displays the path to the hovered tile.
  • Save files no longer need to be named the same name as your character. (Though they are by default)
  • You can have multiple saves with the same character name. Similar names will be appended by a number. Eg. Cynapse2, Cynapse3, etc.
  • Special characters can be used in character and map creation.
  • Equipment panel scrollbar is no longer unconstrained.
  • Followers sent home will no longer appear beside you upon load.
  • Removed maps with switches that cause stack overflows.
  • Crystallization no longer causes an error when trying to crystalize a body part.
  • Misc code improvements.


Windows 64-bit 76 MB
Version 54 Nov 29, 2020
Windows 32-bit 72 MB
Version 52 Nov 29, 2020
Linux 64-bit 81 MB
Version 34 Nov 29, 2020
Version 54 Nov 29, 2020

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RIP. This game looked REALLY promising! :(

Why RIP? What happened?

I absolutely love this game, I play it for hours and hours but there's one bug that's been bothering me.

On Mac after about 2 hours of playing the game crashed, this happened 3 times. This happens in any class and in any difficulty, I was mainly playing the first quest area just exploring every detail.

After a couple hours of play the save files wont load

Anyone that could help with this issue ?

On Linux i can't use the keyboard, except for ctrl, alt, spacebar and arrows. I think it seems as a problem.

not to be a bother but are you supposed to be unable to fast-travel through the map now, or is that an unintended glitch im having? when i go to the map to get to places a bit faster i'm unable to move

Might be a glitch, might be intentional, but if you replace a limb, you can't replace it again or reattach it if you are delimbed. You can grow the limb back with Salmaris(which will grow the version you replaced it with instead of the original).

So if you replace a limb with a peg version your stuck with the peg version forever.

Definitely glitch related, my leg I grew back, is now gone. It's not listed in my inventory or on my character sheet, but my stats are the same as if I had the leg and was still wearing my adrenal jet boot. No idea if enemies can hit my "phantom" leg, but uhh. Definitely glitched.

Awesome update, shame about attachable limbs, but some things are necessary. Thanks for responding to me earlier, meant to say "I never said anything previously".