I'm Still Alive!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the prolonged hiatus. My focus has been on other projects and general life duties recently. Work on Axu had slowed down until recently. The last little while has had me focus on code structure, fleshing out some needed systems for later game tasks, and some more exciting stuff which I'll get into with this blog post. 

The first part I'd like to touch on is post-world-gen areas. I've added support for certain areas to pop onto the map. affer world generation.The primary use is for quests, but I see potential in having dungeons pop up that are scaled to your level. These will disappear after quest completion, or a certain amount of time passing. A fun little side effect is making randomized quests with locations showing up specifically for them. It took a surprising amount of work, but the base is there. I'll have to play around with it to really get a feel for its potential.

Next up are quests. I've been aiming to complete one quest line for Alpha 0.8, and so far that is going pretty smoothly. Other questlines will catch up eventually, but I want the game in a finish-able state before that milestone. Side quests have gotten love too, with several new things to do around the world. Some unlikely folks may need your help, and will reward you handsomely.

Finally, my personal favourite: Cybernetics. By collecting a certain kind of currency, you are able to augment your organic body parts with some really cool additions. Folding Blades on your arms, extra armor, radiation scrubbers, and much more. This has been a request for quite a while, and in my notes for even longer. It is in a basic working form at the moment, but I'm excited to see the builds all of you make, on top of the eldritch abominations I've seen.

Thank you all for being patient. 0.8 is in the works, and I hope the wait will be worth it!


Matt (Cynapse)

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