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0.6.0 Stable Released
Hey everyone, So 0.6.0 is finally here and stable! I've been working hard to get this ready ASAP. Not much has changed from the experimental, except for some minor bug fixes and a start at porting ability code to accessible Lua for modders...
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Experimental 0.6 Pre-Release
Hey everyone, The last few days were back to the usual grindstone of development. I was busy fixing some game-breaking bugs that a user over at the Discord pointed out to me. I decided it was about time to show off all the wonderful stuff I...
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Keeping Tabs
Hey everyone, Thank you for being patient with me. I've been going through some rough times recently, specifically with mental illness. This is why I haven't been as active on the Discord and Forums, and is a factor that restricts the amoun...
0.5.5 Released
Hey everyone, It's been a long time coming, longer than I would have liked, but 0.5.5 is here! I took my time, releasing experimentals along the way to help search for bugs or awful balance. I'm pretty confident there should be no crippling...
Experimental Pre-Release
Hey everyone, I'm going to do things a little differently, at least for the next little while. While I still will maintain the secure version numbers (the last one being 0.5.4) I also want to have semi-nightly experimental builds for the br...
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0.5.4 Released
Hey everyone, I'm very excited to say that translation of Axu is now supported! If I have missed any text, please let me know. I worked very hard the last two weeks fixing bugs, adding new content, and overall making the experience much smo...
0.5.3 Released
Hey everyone, 0.5.3 started as a hotfix for some issues with 0.5.2, but got pushed back. This is because I wanted to add some much-needed content to Axu's story, lore and various other aspects. There are now some new story quests with the E...
0.5.2 Released
Hey everyone, The last couple of releases have been more about bug fixes, but 0.5.2 has more of a focus on balance and creating a better structural integrity for future releases. I've spent quite a bit of time poring through the bug reports...


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