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Hey everyone,

I'm going to do things a little differently, at least for the next little while. While I still will maintain the secure version numbers (the last one being 0.5.4) I also want to have semi-nightly experimental builds for the brave to try out.  This will allow me to find bugs faster, fix any balance issues/bugs before they hit the full player base, and give dedicated players a nice taste of what's to come. It is set to developer mode, so any errors will show up in the log as they occur. This also gives me a reason to do something somewhat game-changing every day!

Today's experimental adds a vague version of "handed-ness", where you can equip weapons to your off-hand slot. Based on your Dexterity and Off Hand skill, you will make extra attacks with this limb as well! Not only that, but previously offhand-only abilities like Block and Disarm can now proc while the item is equipped in the main hand slot. Dual wielding shields anyone? Also in this build is some balance tweaks suggested by players. Polearms have their power increased, and some have gained extra abilities due to their inherent dual-handed nature. All prosthetic limbs have had a major price reduction as well! There's more, so check out the changelog to see all the new stuff!

If you don't want to mess around with potentially broken versions, skip the experimental versions and stick with the "stable" (numbered) releases. I'm not going to make a release statement like this every time, only when all the experimental changes are pushed to stable versions.


Matt (Cynapse)

The ongoing changelog for the experimental builds will be HERE.

NOTE: This experimental version contains ALL the available versions of Axu, so the use of the itch.io app is recommended to stay updated for your relevant OS.


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Version 1 Sep 09, 2017

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Wrong link! Changelog is here: https://sites.google.com/site/axudev/experimental-changelog