Hotfix 0.7.3b

Hey everyone,

A quick hotfix to remedy some issues, and rebalance some content. Not much to say that the changelog cannot, so take a look!


Matt (Cynapse)


  • Followers properly follow you up and down stairs, and appear near the player upon doing so.
  • Handing over stackable items no longer takes the whole stack and closes the window.
  • Capturing a screenshot (With F11) no longer results in an error and clipping of the screen.
  • Butchery gives slightly more yields at lower levels.
  • Ability XP has been increased by (20 / Ability level) times. At level 1, using an ability will grant 15% experience towards the next level with average intelligence. To help prevent grinding.
  • Removed the ability to immediately kill yourself by attempting to replace your last head.
  • Vampires no longer have a 100% chance to infect you with vampirism when they successfully drain your blood. Left over testing code gone awry... Reduced it to 5%.
  • Increased some passive NPCs' Perception to better react to an attack.
  • Attacking an enemy while they do not notice you will make them notice you immediately. I didn't like the way passive NPCs would ignore you when you bashed them over the head with a club.
  • NPCs retain their hostility when you exit and leave a screen.


Windows 64-bit 56 MB
Version 33 Jan 13, 2019
Windows 32-bit 52 MB
Version 32 Jan 13, 2019
Version 32 Jan 13, 2019
Linux 64-bit 61 MB
Version 13 Jan 13, 2019

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