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This update brings quite a few neat additions, as well as some fixes for reported issues. Two of these were already pushed out with the last hotfix, but I've included them here since there was no changelog last time. So what's new? Quite a bit. The Ensis quest line has been fleshed out even more, bringing the total for that line to 27! Axu now has 56 quests alltogether, which is awesome. When doing a fetch quest, you can now choose which items to hand over, instead of being forced to give items you may not have wanted to part with. This is done in a separate dialogue option when talking to a quest NPC.

As always, check out the changelog for more info on my progress!


Matt (Cynapse)


  • New quests in the Ensis quest line.
  • New enemy types.
  • New firearms and ammunition.
  • A new area: The Bazaar, with 4 guaranteed merchants.
  • New quest which, on completion, gives you a merchant that stays at your base.
  • Added a faction that hunts you in the "Hunted" difficulty. Appears more often as the world's danger level increases in place of bandit ambushes.
  • For quests that require you to hand over items, you can now choose which ones to hand over. You also don't need to turn them all in at once.
  • Reduced base Stealth to 6, making it more important to raise.
  • The Experiment felony starts with default limbs, three mutations, and randomized stats.
  • The Technophile starts with one hardened fist on their left hand.
  • Mutations and body parts have more cohesive stat modifiers.
  • Grip strength is based on how many empty hands you have, and each arm's strength.
  • The starting cave no longer can use the hallways algorithm for creating maps. It, on rare occasions, creates dead ends that disable forward progression. Other caves may use this, as a digging tool is more likely in a character's inventory by that point.
  • Slimmed down save file length by reducing serialized fields in liquids. (May break previous save files.)
  • As it is no longer required for a quest, breaking statues cannot be done by walking into the object.
  • Back and Chest slots, since they cannot be severed, do not have additional stat modifiers.
  • The Cathedral underground is barred by a kindred door.
  • Better in-fighting between factions.
  • With an AI Core in your inventory, you can interact with a Robotic Frame to have the robot follow you.
  • Slightly reduced the power of mercenaries.
  • New Quest events that allow dialogue switching, removing all NPCs in an area, and more.


  • Followers keep their equipment between save/load cycles.
  • Fixed an issue causing specific things to be not interact-able, other than quest NPCs, (and some objects) while on a quest requiring you to talk to someone.
  • Tooltip no longer shows up with strange values when you have an empty inventory.
  • Passive NPCs no longer assault you if one calls for help.
  • Floor 7 of the Prison/Lab now does not throw an error when entering.
  • Vampires bleed Vampiric Blood.


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Version 32 Jan 11, 2019
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