0.5.1 Hotfix 2

Hey everyone, just a small update this time around. I wanted to fix some small bugs before moving onto more content-oriented development. A few issues were cropping up with save files not being deleted properly when out of date. Hopefully this one fixes that, or at least makes it easier to delete the files manually. I also started using itch.io's "butler" service, which, like git, can make updating the game easier on myself.

  • Ensis Interior now has a barrier of walls rather than being secluded behind mountains.
  • You can now delete your save data in the main menu if you encounter the bug where the game will be perpetually "LOADING..." from the main menu.
  • Also added functionality to delete old saves and reload the game if it's incompatable.
  • Villages should no longer have duplicate doors and other objects.
  • Your carrying capacity increases with strength.
  • Decreased the Virash Saint's armor by 3.
  • Added support for building multiple copies of Axu on different operating systems all at once, and uploading all the data to the store page automatically.

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