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I've been quieter the past week, taking in feedback and doing the best I can to implement it. 0.7.2 isn't the biggest release feature-wise, but 4 new quests in the Ensis quest line is a large feat nonetheless. Just a word of warning, changes made to world generation will break old save files, as locations will be spawned at different positions than before. There was a huge bug dealing with loading corpses from the previous hotfix. I'm happy to say that this release should fix the issue. Take a look at the changelog to see the full story.


Matt (Cynapse)


  • 4 new quests in the Ensis quest line.
  • Added the liquid "Preservative" that prevents an organic item from spoiling. Useful for limbs you want to keep.
  • Corpses drop more frequently as you level up Butchery.
  • For quests, the OnStart event runs before step initialization.
  • Added new quest events, such as removing specific NPCs and adding NPCs to your followers list.
  • Entering a pre-made screen only moves static NPCs there if they have not been spawned.
  • Added a keybind to show/hide the minimap.
  • An arrow is displayed in mouse mode that enables when over the edge of the screen.
  • Oromir is stationary while passive.
  • Uro-Ren is no longer hostile by default.
  • Some locations, like the starting area, are placed on the largest "island" generated. (Breaks previously created worlds.)
  • With the console, you can type the "go" command with any location ID and go there instantly. (Surface levels only.)
  • Lomis no longer gives you a pickaxe as a quest reward.
  • The game autosaves every in-game day.
  • Experience towards the first level (Level 2) of an ability is doubled.


  • With a polearm weapon equipped, objects laying on the ground no longer prevent you from attacking two tiles away.
  • Black Fang no longer gives the "Called Shot" ability, as it is tied to a hotkey.
  • Leprosy no longer brutally mangles your limbs every turn. It takes 4000 turns to "activate", and has a slim chance to remove limbs. Once a limb has been removed, it will not reactivate until another 4000 turns pass.
  • Intrine limbs no longer cause an error when attached.
  • Kill quest steps have their icon show up on the world map.
  • Locations with neighbors (like the Ensis Stronghold) no longer can show up on mountain tiles.
  • Vampiric Blood can no longer give you Fledgling Vampirism more than once.
  • Organic body parts, while wielded, still degrade over time.
  • The Blind status effect now displays unlit cells as intended.
  • Creatures spawned via Cryopods properly appear.
  • Removed some unused abilities from random artifacts.


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Version 30 Jan 05, 2019
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Version 29 Jan 05, 2019
Version 29 Jan 05, 2019
Linux 64-bit 66 MB
Version 10 Jan 05, 2019

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When going to the engineer for the Ensis story-line the game keeps saying "array index is out of range" and after some testing it is on every character I choose. PS I always choice Heretic if that is any useful info :P

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Where is this occurring? 

EDIT: Found the issue.