0.5.1b Hotfix

Hey everyone,

0.5.1 was quite a large one, and changed quite a few core systems. Two large changes seemed to have the most trouble were the mutation system, specifically its body part mechanics, and populating dungeon levels with stairs not in walls. During my vacation, I spent some time (hopefully) remedying these issues. Let me know if I broke something else, or left the bugs intact. Sorry for the broken release! I spent some free time while away for a wedding correcting the issues I found.


Matt (Cynapse)

  • Rain won't show in the Cathedral or Ensis interior.
  • Genetic Reassemblers now can remove mutations' body parts.
  • Mutation overwriting and equipment handling is working much better.
  • Arm mutations now replace the weapon/offhand slots properly.
  • Fixed some missing ID vs name changes in quests.
  • Gear gets equipped/unequipped properly after removing mutations.
  • Reworked dungeon generation code to (hopefully) place stairs more effectively.
  • Gore, Trip, Double Strike, and Shield Bash abilities are now working again.
  • Ruins should no longer show up in the ocean.
  • Resolution options persist through save/load.
  • Weapon modifiers no longer show up on offhand items.
  • You can no longer dig through the walls in the prison/lab.
  • Increased the effectiveness of digging tools.


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Jul 30, 2017
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Jul 30, 2017
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Jul 30, 2017
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Jul 30, 2017

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