Hotfix - 27 Dec, 2018

Hey everyone,

Hopefully the last patch I'll do before moving on to the next numbered version. 0.7.1d brings a bunch of bug fixes and some cool new stuff. Check out the changelog below for the full story! I hopefully caught most of the reported bugs (minus a few exceptions) here. 


Matt (Cynapse)


  • Added a music manager that dynamically picks appropriate songs for specific landmarks/elevations.
  • New tracks by Comemism for the Power Plant and Kindred Hideout.
  • Switched one of the ambient overworld tracks to caves.
  • Shining Gems are now stackable.
  • Flasks now only hold one unit of liquid.
  • Quests to go kill specific enemies now show their name and location/elevation in the journal.
  • NPCs killed by followers also give you experience.
  • Added functionality for quest steps with multiple solutions.
  • Confirmation for deleting save files in the Load Game menu.
  • Grappling - Grip strength is based on the number of free hands. "Free" meaning it has no item equipped.
  • You can now amputate your heads if you have more than one.
  • Replacing heads is now allowed in the limb replacement screen.
  • Limbs now track their "default" wielded items (fists, claws, tendrils, etc).
  • NPC default wielded weapons persist. You can attach arms that already have claws attached to them. The item is displayed in the tooltip.
  • Saving the game now works on a separate thread.


  • Ka-Nil's first quest is linked to the previous, and no longer requires you to talk to him after seemingly being given his quest previously.
  • Terminals that are "on" can be interacted with to be turned off again.
  • Removed the permadeath option from the main menu options menu. Permadeath is chosen via difficulty settings.
  • Cannot path through locked doors.
  • Empty liquid containers no longer cause an error when being picked up.
  • Respawning NPCs over time no longer gives you duplicate quests.
  • Static NPCs will only respawn if they are quest targets later in the story.
  • The Journal panel no longer defaults its title to the localization of the ability panel title.
  • Swapping places with an NPC allows you to see a list of items on the ground on the destination tile.
  • Webs properly prevent movement again.
  • The ability "Summon Scritter" no longer summons a permanent follower.
  • Starting a new game after having a game where a certain faction was hostile to you no longer carries over the old hostility.
  • Explosion artwork no longer spawns above the screen.
  • Blink stones no longer use stamina.
  • Mouse movement on the edge of a screen should properly take you to the correct world tile.
  • Disabled world map mouse movement. Needs rewrite.


Windows 64-bit 56 MB
Version 28 Dec 28, 2018
Windows 32-bit 52 MB
Version 27 Dec 28, 2018
Version 27 Dec 28, 2018
Linux 64-bit 61 MB
Version 8 Dec 28, 2018
Linux 32-bit 80 MB
Version 8 Dec 28, 2018

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