Hotfix - 22 Dec, 2018

Hey everyone,

Another hotfix post-0.7.1 here, with some extra goodies. There is now a main menu track, written by the talented Comemism, whom I met via the Axu Discord channel. It's been great working with him, and I'm excited to get more of his music into the game! I'll share links to his SoundCloud once/if I have permission to do so. I think you'll like what he's cooking up.

Many bugs have been squashed, including a UI error causing an explosion of Extra Arm mutations being displayed in the character panel. That was a fun one to debug... If I have missed any that you have reported, please do let me know. I often receive feedback while otherwise occupied, and tend to forget to write it down.

Check out the changelog below for the full story. It's 5AM here now, so I think I need some sleep.


Matt (Cynapse)


  • Added a title track to the Main Menu. Written by Comemism from the Axu Discord server. (More tracks to come!)
  • Added particle effects to the main menu screen.
  • Capped Move Speed, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Endurance to 50.
  • Added a cap for mutation stacks to prevent you from becoming insane eldritch horrors. (At least not as bad)
  • The console command "multigive" uses item ID instead of name.
  • Quests can be marked as "Non-Sequential", so steps can be accomplished in any order.
  • The Power Plant quest is now marked as "non-sequential" Activate the terminals in any order.
  • Wandering NPCs follow a path to a random destination rather than picking a direction to walk in. Prevents them from walking into traps or other harmful locations.
  • The directional arrow that points you towards a quest is now more obviously an arrow.
  • Resting waits until followers regain their health and stamina.
  • Followers heal 33% faster over time while you are resting.
  • Reduced the pathfinding cost reduction for an entity occupying a tile. Should have some minor performance improvements with large amounts of creatures.


  • Fixed a bug where NPCs were getting duplicated upon opening/closing doors.
  • Aiming with the mouse no longer forces the cursor towards the bottom of the screen.
  • Mutations no longer multiply in the character screen.
  • Fixed typos/incorrect information.
  • Abilities granted by items or mutations are properly removed upon removal of the item or mutation. (You no longer gain a level of the ability if you already have it)
  • While you have the Trait selection panel open upon leveling up, you cannot open other windows, then close them again to re-roll traits.
  • Fixed an out of range exception causing the wrong item tooltip to be displayed in the equipment screen.
  • Held direction keys in menus properly works again.
  • Fixed an issue with amputating limbs not dropping the limb on the ground near you.


Windows 64-bit 56 MB
Version 27 Dec 22, 2018
Windows 32-bit 52 MB
Version 26 Dec 22, 2018
Linux 64-bit 61 MB
Version 7 Dec 22, 2018
Linux 32-bit 80 MB
Version 7 Dec 22, 2018
Version 26 Dec 22, 2018

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