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After some more testing and bug fixes, 0.7.1 stable is released for all operating systems! I want to thank everyone for their bug reports, suggestions and positive messages. This update has been in the works for almost two months, so I'm happy to have everyone able to play it! There isn't too much to say that hasn't already been said in my previous updates, but I'll recap the main changes in case you haven't been following:

The hunger system was removed due to it not adding much to the core gameplay. Axu isn't a survival game, so filling up your inventory with food items and requiring extra trips back to civilized areas was tedious. The game progressively gets harder over time. A second clock was not needed.

The quest system has gotten a complete overhaul. I've had numerous reports over the years of bugs regarding quests. My patchwork implementation was flawed, so I decided to rewrite it completely. Now, quests should track much better, and not point to random locations on the map. If something does break, be sure to let me know. It should be much easier to debug going forward.

Multiple save slots are now available, and show whether or not your file is out of date with the current version of Axu. This is based on character name, so be sure to not overwrite your old saves by using the same name. I'll put a in warning message in the future.

Switches, wires and doors act together to create simple puzzles. This isn't used in many areas, especially ones that are required for the story.

Areas refresh when staying away from them. Old dungeons will refill with monsters if you give them time. If you see important NPCs getting culled, please do let me know. I've attempted to implement a system like this before, but it ended up being too strong.

Anyways, check out the changelog below if you want the full story of what has been done between 0.7.0b and 0.7.1. I'll release hotfixes as needed before working on the next version.


Matt (Cynapse)


  • You can now have multiple save files (one per character).
  • Removed hunger and most food-related items from the game. It was not adding anything particularly interesting.
  • Levers can be used to open doors or interact with objects. Sends a pulse through wires.
  • Functionality for entering/exiting cells for objects. For example: pressure plates for spike or poison dart traps.
  • Removed smaller islands when generating the world map.
  • Checking for webs is now done in Lua. Does not destroy the web yet.
  • Underground rivers have slightly more interesting shapes.
  • Added item icons to the mixing screen.
  • Increased proficiency XP gain slightly.
  • New areas, tiles, maps, and item icons.
  • Characters throwing items now shows up in the log.
  • Higher quality damage text using TextMeshPro.
  • NPC turn order is now decided by Speed.
  • Status effect markers display duration for relevant effects.
  • Merchant and Doctor buildings have different walls.
  • New culling system for screens, objects and NPCs. After 6000 turns of being away from a screen, non-important data is not saved.
  • Quest Overhaul:
    • Rewrote the quest system.
    • Quest objectives are clearer in the Journal menu, and display their completeness.
    • Changed some quests around to better facilitate the new system.
    • Removed daily hunts and arena challenges for now.
  • Map Editor:
    • Added functionality to place NPCs.
    • The Undo key (Z) can now be used to remove objects and NPCs as well as tiles.
    • Box seelct works with objects and NPCs.


  • Severing and re-attaching a limb multiple times no longer duplicates existing stat modifiers.
  • NPCs and objects should no longer duplicate upon entering an area, saving, loading, leaving, and saving then loading again.
  • Fixed a Lua bug with Leprosy causing major slowdown until the disease was cured.
  • Leprosy can no longer remove your heads.
  • Using the mouse while replacing a body part at a doctor should no longer use the wrong limb/item.
  • Severing prosthetic body parts now makes the stump tagged as "organic" properly.
  • Being overburdened now gives a speed penalty instead of stopping you dead in your tracks and dropping any extra items. Should fix an item duplication glitch.
  • Fixed Living weapons having their progress reset upon saving/loading.
  • Explosions should no longer deal hundreds of damage.
  • Items carried by NPCs are saved in full. Increases save file size, but solves a few issues between save/load cycles.
  • The shooting effect is similar to the throwing effect due to sprite sorting issues.
  • Followers don't forget about you after saving/loading.
  • Sending followers home no longer sends them into oblivion, never to return.


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Version 24 Dec 16, 2018
Windows 32-bit 57 MB
Version 23 Dec 16, 2018
Linux 64-bit 66 MB
Version 4 Dec 16, 2018
Linux 32-bit 80 MB
Version 4 Dec 16, 2018
Version 23 Dec 16, 2018

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