0.7.1 Experimental

Hey everyone,

0.7.1 is now in the experimental pre-release phase, meaning it is available to everyone for testing! It brings with it a huge quest overhaul, several bug fixes, multiple save files, the removal of hunger, and much much more! I would have loved to release a proper 0.7.1, but with the large amount of code changed, unpredictable things can happen. If you want to see what's new, I urge you to test out the experimental branch. If you'd rather wait, I'm planning on a proper full release over the weekend, granted no huge bugs pop up. I've included the full changelog below.


Matt (Cynapse)


  • You can now have multiple save files (one per character).
  • Removed hunger and most food-related items from the game. It was not adding anything particularly interesting.
  • Levers can be used to open doors or interact with objects. Sends a pulse through wires.
  • Functionality for entering/exiting cells for objects. For example: pressure plates for spike or poison dart traps.
  • Removed smaller islands when generating the world map.
  • Checking for webs is now done in Lua. Does not destroy the web yet.
  • Underground rivers have slightly more interesting shapes.
  • Added item icons to the mixing screen.
  • Increased proficiency XP gain slightly.
  • New area, quests, tiles, maps, and item icons.
  • Characters throwing items now shows up in the log.
  • Higher quality damage text using TextMeshPro.
  • NPC turn order is now decided by Speed.
  • Status effect markers display duration for relevant effects.
  • Merchant and Doctor buildings have different walls.
  • New culling system for screens, objects and NPCs. After 6000 turns of being away from a screen, non-important data is not saved.
  • Quest Overhaul:
    • Rewrote the quest system.
    • Quest objectives are clearer in the Journal menu, and display their completeness.
    • Changed some quests around to better facilitate the new system.
    • Removed daily hunts and arena challenges for now.
  • Map Editor:
    • Added functionality to place NPCs.
    • The Undo key (Z) can now be used to remove objects and NPCs as well as tiles.
    • Box seelct works with objects and NPCs.


  • Severing and re-attaching a limb multiple times no longer duplicates existing stat modifiers.
  • NPCs and objects should no longer duplicate upon entering an area, saving, loading, leaving, and saving then loading again.
  • Fixed a Lua bug with Leprosy causing major slowdown until the disease was cured.
  • Leprosy can no longer remove your heads.
  • Using the mouse while replacing a body part at a doctor should no longer use the wrong limb/item.
  • Severing prosthetic body parts now makes the stump tagged as "organic" properly.
  • Being overburdened now gives a speed penalty instead of stopping you dead in your tracks and dropping any extra items. Should fix an item duplication glitch.
  • Fixed Living weapons having their progress reset upon saving/loading.
  • Explosions should no longer deal hundreds of damage.
  • Items carried by NPCs are saved in full. Increases save file size, but solves a few issues between save/load cycles.
  • The shooting effect is similar to the throwing effect due to sprite sorting issues.


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Version 1 Dec 14, 2018

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