0.5.1 Released!

    Hey everyone,

Thanks for the patience while waiting for this update. I wanted to get as many fixes and changes into this version as I could, considering the large influx of players over the past week. A big thanks to SplatterCatGaming, one of my favourite YouTube channels for covering the game! It was a very nice surprise to have my game pop up in my sub box! 

0.5.1 is much larger than I anticipated. I kept getting great ideas for the community, and stellar bug reports that helped me squish quite a few lingering bugs. Though I didn't get to work on any further story this time around, the QoL improvements and fixes alone make this a great milestone in development. With every version, Axu comes closer to the game I always dreamed it would be. It's been a long few years, but I definitely look forward to a few more!

By the way, make sure to join the Discord Channel to discuss the game with me and several awesome people!


Matt (Cynapse)



  • Added the framework for tiers of mutations.
  • Several mutations now have more advanced versions of themselves.
  • Most data now relies on IDs instead of strict names. This will make modding and translating much easier.
  • Moved the name generator syllable list over to data for modders to edit.
  • Ported the Pause menu to the new UI, which fixed many issues, including the character panel not showing up from that menu.
  • Capped frame rate to 60 fps.
  • You can now disable permadeath (saves being deleted upon death) in the options menu.
  • Added an option from the pause menu to Save without quitting the game.
  • Settings save when clicking "Apply" or when you close it, and not just when you exit the game.
  • Removed the oxygen levels. Didn't add enough to the game to justify keeping around.
  • Removed the penalty to ranged weapons' accuracy when your last turn was a movement action.
  • The quest item Curious Artifact now has a price of 0.
  • Slimmed down save file size.
  • Many NPCs now equip weapons from a larger pool.
  • Better mouse handling of off-screen travel (local only).
  • Clicking on an adjacent non-hostile NPC or object interacts with them.
  • The Loot panel now scrolls with the currently selected item.
  • Digging tools now have a limited amount of uses.
  • New camp fire art.
  • New art for direction select.
  • Doubled max hunger, but greatly increased the food consumption for world map travel. (To accurately represent how many tiles it would take to cross one screen on the local map) Compensated this by increasing the effectiveness of food items.
  • Proper close button for Options menu.
  • Added a scroll bar to the Body Parts panel in the Character window if it exceeds a certain size.
  • Body part armor is now displayed in the Character panel. This includes equipped gear and natural defense.
  • Made the Characer panel a little prettier with its layout, specifically in the Trait/Body Part segments.
  • Firearms can be unloaded of their ammunition.
  • Caves under ruins can now house buildings.
  • Above caves contain very difficult enemies further down.
  • Chests now show a different sprite if they have been opened by the player.
  • Implemented a flood fill algorithm to find connected floor tiles to place enemies and items.
  • New random premade maps.
  • Added decorative permanent bloodstains.


  • 1920x1080 resolution doesn't make the camera jitter about.
  • The damn stairs bug upon reloading a game has been fixed finally!
  • Mutated parts now affect stats properly.
  • Fixed Genetic Reassemblers.
  • Fixed some errors with item tooltips.
  • Becoming "Starving" while on the world map kicks you to the local map rather than requiring a restart.
  • Dying from hunger should no longer crash the game.
  • Dead enemy objects keep their original tag. Hopefully this gets rid of the "ghost" NPCs staying on every screen until a reload.
  • Items thrown underground now properly show up at the correct elevation.
  • Various traits were showing the wrong colour-to-affect. Fixed.
  • You shouldn't get "stuck" in UI windows after alerts anymore.
  • Broken fences now just turn into grass.
  • You can no longer equip off-hand items with a two-handed weapon unless you have the special trait allowing it.
  • Broken walls with a grass background won't show up in ruins.
  • Quests asking for multiples of the same item now properly take multiples from your inventory.
  • Using directional skills on your own position no longer crashes the game.
  • Ruins now use the sand water autotile.
  • Sweep attacks now have the proper sprite and rotation on their swings.


Axu - Windows 64-bit 34 MB
Jul 28, 2017
Axu - Windows 32-bit 31 MB
Jul 28, 2017
Axu - Linux 76 MB
Jul 28, 2017
Axu - Mac 54 MB
Jul 28, 2017

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You can now disable permadeath (saves being deleted upon death) in the options menu.

*Does a silly little dance*