Hotfix - 17 Oct, 2018

Hey everyone,

Just a quick hotfix this time for a couple issues noticed with some quests. I've also started on a new dialogue option that allows you to better interact with select NPCs. Here's a quick example:


Matt (Cynapse)


  • Added an "Inquire" dialogue option, which allows you to ask specific NPCs questions. 
  • Arena quests, upon defeating all baddies, properly remove the stair blocker.
  • Ensis quests to kill Kin champions have a coordinate destination again.
  • Items that change sight range (other than torches) properly give their bonuses.
  • Edited dialogue for a few quests.
  • Fixed some errors with some pre-made maps.


Windows 64-bit 56 MB
Version 23 Oct 17, 2018
Windows 32-bit 52 MB
Version 22 Oct 17, 2018
Linux 64-bit 61 MB
Version 3 Oct 17, 2018
Linux 32-bit 80 MB
Version 3 Oct 17, 2018
Version 22 Oct 17, 2018

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