0.6.4 Released

Hey everyone,

0.6.4 is a smaller update to catch up on some bugs, and to solidify some back-end stuff. It ended up larger than a normal hitfix, hence the incremented version number! I caught some really obscure bugs occurring when doing subsequent runs, which was a really nice find. The reports were confusing, and during testing, I generally play once before closing the game.

Anyways, there's more changes than what I've stated below.


Matt (Cynapse)



  • Attaching an external arm now gives you a "hand" properly again.
  • UI Tweaks:
    • New HP/ST bar graphics.
    • Replaced XP bar with radial indicator.
    • New minimap border.
    • Changed the color scheme slightly
  • Added the "Technophile" felony.
  • Separated ST and HP regeneration stats.
  • New mutations that take advantage of the regen stats.
  • Map editor no longer takes over a minute to load.
  • Changed how the arena works. You are sent to a lower elevation to fight, then return to the surface to send in the quest.
  • Once again, you can see through prison bars.
  • The minimap won't get stuck in blackness if you are teleported out of an underground area.
  • The "+" icon signifying there is more than one item in a stack on the ground appears again.
  • Fixed a bug causing liquids to not be poured on items.
  • Saving and quitting underground no longer takes you to the stairs.
  • Fixed a strange bug preventing quests from being completed when giving items to a quest giver. This only occurred when starting a new game during the same session where you played another character before.
  • Added a new ability pattern: cones.
  • Added several new abilities that use the cone pattern.
  • Abilities have their own dice roll values that scale per their level, and are displayed in their tooltips. This is used for healing, dealing damage, restoring stamina, or causing status effects.
  • Fixed the Juke ability triggering an error when it is not the player using the ability.
  • Added an option to quit the game without saving.
  • Added a "default" tile for masking biomes.
  • Maps that are overwritten as forests no longer repeat only one tile.
  • More tile transitions.
  • Added clouds to the world map that shift and change position and color as you move.
  • Tweaked the world generation properties to create better continents.
  • Input sounds for the character creation screen.
  • Confusing gas now properly can confuse targets again.
  • Fixed an issue with addictions not being read when it was caused by a liquid.
  • Expanded the max number of messages legible in the log at any time.

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