0.6.3 Released

Hey everyone,

0.6.3 turned out to be a much larger task than I had anticipated. First it was the liquids system, with a huge amount of work being done to properly track various volumes of specific substances. Then I decided to tackle autotiling as well, which lead to a complete restructure of the underlying tile system! This is on top of the countless tweaks, additions, and fixes from the previous release. Lots of work has gone into this update, and I hope that shows. It was also quite a bit of fun, which lead me to procrastinate release. It wasn't until I reached a section I could leave until 0.6.4 that I was able tear myself away from development long enough to make a build! I realize there will be bugs, but I hope the frequency is lower, and the results are less permanent on a save file. We shall see!

As always, thank you for playing!


Matt (Cynapse)


  • Replaced many liquid items with a more malleable and powerful system of "Liquids" which can be mixed, poured, and consumed. Liquids can be used to coat items, which applies their effects upon hitting an enemy with the coated item.
  • Added liquid container items.
  • Swapped item rewards/quest targets due to the liquids overhaul.
  • Added 3 new status effects: Drunk, Sick and Aflame.
  • Added a new type of item: Mod Kits. These allow you to choose an item to modify. The blacksmith gives you a Xul Mod Kit instead of directly affecting your equipped weapon.
  • Item modifier kits that apply a mod to a specific item.
  • New tiles for walls/caves/lava/etc for autotiling purposes. This will cause any structures with tiles not supported by autotiling to show up as brick walls. This is to be expected until I get it all done.
  • New very rare miniboss.
  • New side quests.
  • New daily hunts and arena challenges.
  • New algorithm for generating cave-like areas.
  • Changed how a few quests worked to make them less buggy.
  • Tweaked follower AI to slightly prioritize following you more often.
  • Important NPCs cannot be traded with or have their equipment managed when they are followers during a quest.
  • Separated firearms and weapons in data.
  • Look tooltip displays the target's firearm.
  • Character panel now takes up the whole screen, to give me more room to expand on all the information I want to put in there.
  • Bandits or otherwise hostile humans won't spread rumors of cannibalism.
  • Pushing entities around is no longer guaranteed. It depends on the difference in strength compared to your opponent. It also does not stun by itself. Many abilities stun enemies upon pushing them anyways. It caps at 4 tiles pushed.
  • The Power Plant spawn pools have been expanded to add more non-stationary enemies.
  • Reduced the satiation values of all severed limbs.
  • Some enemies have their HP and ST refreshed when you leave the area (mostly for boss creatures).
  • The Miner's Helmet no longer has limited charges.
  • Added back the items on ground sprites, and moved them to external data to be loaded in at runtime.
  • Shields have a more versatile block chance, rather than the set Block1, Block2, and Block3 enums. For each point of "Block", there is a 5% chance of negating a non-elemental attack.
  • Barrels can have a wider array of items inside of them when spawned.
  • Loot objects now only update their sprites when the turn counter changes, instead of every frame.
  • Saira's Rifle is now considered unique.
  • Added the command "get randart" to the console in order to test random artifacts.
  • Removed the "Deserter" felony.
  • Removed the "Bloody Butcher" trait. It was only causing confusion.
  • Custom world tiles/maps can have specified underground levels.
  • Restrictions can be placed on custom world tiles, being able to be placed only on specified areas.
  • Stackable items cannot have modifiers or become random artifacts.


  • Saira's quest line has had two bugs fixed.
  • Quest givers who give up items they should have in their hands (or on their body) will now no longer still wield/wear them for duplicates after killing them.
  • Turning in quests now gives the item properly to the asking NPC.
  • When digging through mountains and changing screens, the first tile you end up on will be dug out by default.
  • Fixed autotiling after digging.
  • Fixed a typo in the Spiny Frond description.
  • Cleared up some old unassigned abilities from puggles and scrags.
  • Fixed chatting with followers causing an error.
  • Fixed an issue with creating new custom maps. Objects were being assigned to the wrong value.
  • Fixed not being able to use a custom name. It defaulted to the last one picked, or last random one on the list.
  • Some "Use" items like Bandages work correctly again.
  • Some close window buttons were not tiggered properly. Fixed.
  • Fixed some untranslated data.
  • Randarts that fail to get a unique effect drop as their normal item counterpart.
  • Called Shot's Lua function had logic backwards. Fixed.
  • Dying in the first two difficulty levels clears your status effects, and recovers stamina to full.
  • Bandits asking for specific items no longer refer to the item's base name, but rather its unique display name, in the case of randarts.
  • Re-implemented object tints.
  • The volcano underground area deals heat damage periodically again.
  • One static map of the start screen had the down stairs outside the building, contradicting the quest description.

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