0.6.2 Released

Hey everyone, 

Really sorry for my hiatus. Going through mental health issues is always a battle, and it wears me out. Between that and working ridiculous hours at my day job, there wasn't much energy left for development. I decided to take a break for my own sanity, though I am feeling much better now!

I had attempted the 7DRL challenge last month, but ultimately failed due to the same factors that were holding back Axu. I do hope to come back to the concept at some point though. I might write something up on my website if there's enough interest. It was a bit of a cross between Pokemon and Princess Maker, which I thought was a neat mix.

Anyways, back to Axu! 0.6.2 is mostly about pushing out all the stuff I got done meandering over the last few months. It lacks any clear focus, but I feel like I need a fresh slate to be able to take in reliable bug reports. I most likely broke something over the last while, and more than likely fixed many of the issues plaguing 0.6.1a. The changelog seems small, but many of these additions are pretty major, and will help develop the game further. I'm going to make finishing the main story a big priority from now on. The bases are all there, and all that's holding me back is the extra stuff that doesn't need to be done right away. I feel like I need to push towards that finish line to give myself a sense of relief. After the story is able to be completed from start to finish, I can continue to expand on various aspects of the game. I'll more than likely be taking the pruning shears to my TODO list in an attempt to cut down on scope.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience!


Matt (Cynapse)


  • Added a trait to clarify that Experiments get random body parts upon their start.
  • Added a new map icon showing where kill targets are located during quests.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ember Wall ability on NPCs.
  • AI units with polearm-type weapons should no longer attack friendlies between them and an enemy.
  • Actual in-fighting between NPC factions.
  • Enemies will target your followers much more often.
  • Reduced the number of GetComponent<T>() calls.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Map creator tool now sets values for underground areas when loading a map with negative elevation.
  • Items below the player's feet now display the correct name in the log.
  • Added addictions to the "Hunted" and "Rogue" difficulty levels.
  • Added wounds to the "Hunted" and "Rogue" difficulty levels.
  • Added bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts.
  • Added a back slot quiver item that reduces reload times with bow/crossbow ranged weapons.
  • Fixed an out of bounds error with shops when you or they have over 25 items.
  • Bloodstains should no longer appear over other objects.
  • Object and NPC sprites are now exposed for modders, and loaded from data.
  • Unseen tall objects are now completely invisible instead of being just pitch black.
  • Corpse items no longer have the "Cannibalism" tag by default.
  • Added a new item mod: Vampiric.
  • Item modifiers can have components, and call Lua scripts.
  • OnHit action added to weapons.
  • Added a few new abilities.
  • Added new mutations.
  • Added new quests.
  • Quest steps can now run events OnStepStart and OnStepComplete.
  • Random Name/Back buttons on the character select screen can now be clicked properly.
  • Rivers should no longer run through volcanos.
  • Shinpel Fish no longer throw an error when attempting to attack, and move to engage nearby opponents to the water again.
  • Accuracy no longer resets via save/load cycles.

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Matt-- thanks for the game, & all of your work on it. I've been playing Axu off and on for the past year or so, and it's been a constant delight.

I wanted to leave a quick note to say I'm really sorry about the IRL stuff you've been dealing with recently-- I manage mental health issues too, and hearing that they've been dragging you hits close to home. Cheers, mate-- & best of luck.


Good to hear from you. :) will checkout the new version. Thx  for the good work.