0.6.1a Hotfix

Just a quick hotfix this time around. I didn't get to remedying all issues reported, but I hope this will be enough for now. A few large-scale changes within the engine have occurred, which makes things a little unstable, to say the least. I mostly wanted to get this out there to fix the issues people have been having with certain dungeons inhibiting their progress. I might do one more of these hotfixes before resuming work on the next version, just to make sure everything is working smoothly. We shall see!


  • Fixed a mouse input issue with wielding items in hands.
  • Wielding a two-handed weapon in a weak arm without a free hand conveys an accuracy and attack speed penalty.
    • A log message is displayed to warn the player of this.
  • Upon missing, the log displays the weapon used during the attack.
  • Better multi-limb attacking logic.
  • Reorganized entity/stats/inventory/body code.
  • Segmented out some combat code from entity logic.
  • Saying "No" to the save and quit dialogue now properly closes the window and resumes the game.
  • Fixed prison/workshop levels being out of order.
  • Added the "abilities" console command to list all abilities with their IDs for you cheaters out there.
  • Fixed an issue with some enemies not knowing about their hands, throwing an error and crashing the game on saving.
  • Enemies won't throw an error when trying to use a directional ability.
  • The weapon ID of the Crystal Golem is now set correctly.
  • Isazna's following was bugged out. She meets you at the hideout instead.


Windows 64-bit 56 MB
Version 14 Jan 21, 2018
Windows 32-bit 52 MB
Version 13 Jan 21, 2018
Version 13 Jan 21, 2018
Linux 92 MB
Version 13 Jan 21, 2018
All (Experimental Pre-Release) 179 MB
Version 19 Jan 21, 2018

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