Experimental 0.6 Pre-Release

Hey everyone,

The last few days were back to the usual grindstone of development. I was busy fixing some game-breaking bugs that a user over at the Discord pointed out to me. I decided it was about time to show off all the wonderful stuff I've been working on in a pre-release form to catch more bugs before the big 0.6!

This update brings some awesome new modding functionality, with the user now able to add custom locations to the game. Static NPCs can also be given unique dialogue, so creating your own version of Axu will be a little easier. For the more general player, we have some great stuff for you too!

  • Butchery (very early in development) can be used to gain food from corpses. At higher levels, or with a little luck, you can gain limbs from various creatures from this act! Later in development, butchering certain creatures will yield very interesting results. Pieces of your foes will eventually be able to be used as effective weapons, or contain magical properties. Until the upcoming trait/ability system is in place, Butchery is a default action for all players. Past that, you will have to learn it by other means.
  • Light Sources now illuminate tiles while the source is not in sight. A spot lit by a campfire will be visible if in sight, regardless of distance or darkness.
  • Reworked Resistances for both enemies and the player.
  • New tiles.
  • A Slimmed UI to take up less screen space.
  • Story quests have been expanded, pushing you into an unfamiliar location. Your choices here may lead to vastly different playthroughs.
  • And more! (Honestly, I forgot to write down all the stuff I've added.)

Thank you for being patient with me. I know it's been a long time since I've been active, but things are looking up. I would advise users to upgrade to the experimental until the stable version of 0.6 is out.

As always, check out the Changelog for the full details.


Matt (Cynapse)


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Version 12 Dec 07, 2017

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thx for the release :) my crashes are gone!!!!


6+ hours into linux play through, coming from the land of Qud I am so happy to be in @xu.

And More.......